AE/PR 视频去闪烁插件 Digital Anarchy Flicker Free v1.1.3(

AE/PR 视频去闪烁插件 Digital Anarchy Flicker Free v1.1.3(Z汉化) - 摇摆时间线 ZHLMI - 摇摆·影音

Flicker Free是一个强大的视频去闪烁插件。它解决做延时摄影或拍摄慢动作(高帧速率)视频产生的闪光。同时这也是非常有效的去除LED灯,电脑显示器或当有电气干扰时产生的闪烁。

AE/PR 视频去闪烁插件 Digital Anarchy Flicker Free v1.1.3(Z汉化) - 摇摆时间线 ZHLMI - 摇摆·影音

Flicker Free is a powerful new way to deflicker video. It solves an issue that's common for many types of video footage, be it from lights/electricity and cameras being out of sync, time lapse or slow motion (high frame rate) video. The Flicker Free plugin is very effective at removing rolling flicker that occurs with LED & fluorescent lights or computer monitors.

Flicker Free was originally designed to fix the flicker caused by varying exposures in time lapse videography. However, once we developed it, we discovered there are many reasons for flicker and that Flicker Free does a great job on most of them.

As with all Digital Anarchy plugins and products, we strive to create intuitive software that produces exceptional results while remaining dead simple to use. Check out the demo reel below for some great examples and take a look at the Features page to understand how Flicker Free will benefit you!

It currently works as a plugin for Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Avid, Davinci Resolve, and other OpenFX apps on Macintosh or Windows. Download the free trial and try it on your footage, we think you'll be very happy!



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