AE 三维FBX文件导入AE插件 FBX to AE v1.0.3

AE 三维FBX文件导入AE插件 FBX to AE v1.0.3 - 摇摆时间线 ZHLMI - 摇摆·影音

Valerio Carnevale 开发团队设计的一款免费AE 插件:三维FBX文件导入AE软件 FBX to AE,可以将FBX三维文件直接导入到AE软件中,直接实现三维软件和AE软件间的摄像机动画信息互通及。




– After Effects CC 2014,After Effects CC 2015

– Autodesk 3ds Max FBX Export (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

其他系统的兼容性(Mac OSX)和软件(如Autodesk Maya和其他版本After Effects)尚在测试。

Operations guide

1 Use FBX Export pannel for export 3D cameras (only free cameras are supported at the moment) and plans made of only four vertices

2 In order to export animations (3D cameras and plans) select bake animations with sampling of all parameters (Resample all)

3 At this moment the FBX file is ready !

4 Open After Effects and, from menu item File – Import – File,  choose “FBX to AE” format and select your FBX file

5 This action will create a composition (“FBX_comp“) with the correct size of camera rendering and and solids layers

6 Enjoy !

note: Imported plans from fbx could be result in solid layer with the height and width exchanged between them.

This bug will be fixed as soon as possible but you can easly fix changing width and height in solid layer configuration.

Follow the video tutorial to understand some important steps for the proper functioning.


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