FXPHD – FF201 Advanced Resolve 11 达芬奇高级调色教程(不包含素材)

FXPHD – FF201 Advanced Resolve 11 达芬奇高级调色教程(不包含素材) - 摇摆时间线 ZHLMI - 摇摆·影音

FXPHD FF201 Advanced Resolve 11

This is brand new advanced Resolve training, offered for the first time ever online.

‘’I have wanted to make an online version of my successful advanced classroom course : International Colorist Academy R201, for a long time,” says Warren Eagles. “People have constantly been asking for more, not just how to use the software but why do you do it. So here it is!”

Advanced Resolve v11 is an ideal course for existing Resolve users who are looking for more knowledge in both the software and the art of color grading. “As with all my classes I try and add a little more: tips, tricks, RAW, working with clients and workflow solutions are just some of the topics I will be covering,” says Warren.

FXPHD – FF201 Advanced Resolve 11 达芬奇高级调色教程(不包含素材) - 摇摆时间线 ZHLMI - 摇摆·影音

Advanced Resolve v11 Course Outline

Class 1: Resolve, what’s it all about?Resolve11_FF201_Class01

Class 2: Editing and Conform.Resolve11_FF201_Class02

Class 3: Primary correctionResolve11_FF201_Class03

Class 4: Secondaries and NodesResolve11_FF201_Class04

Class 5: Windows Tracking And KeyframingResolve11_FF201_Class05

Class 6: Grading RawResolve11_FF201_Class06

Class 7: Looks With ClientsResolve11_FF201_Class07

Class 8: Problems And How To Fix ThemResolve11_FF201_Class08

Class 9: WorkflowResolve11_FF201_Class09

Class 10: Control SurfacesResolve11_FF201_Class10


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